About us

Umoja wa wawezeshaji KIOO comes from the former REFLECT,ACCESS, STEPPING STONE and STAR facilitators who facilitated by Action Aid International. KIOO is a voluntary, non-governmental, nonpolitical,non-religious, and non-profit sharing organization which was found in 2001 and officially registered in 2004 under the Societies Ordinance of 1954 with registration number S.O. 12793.

    Objectives for KIOO established are:
  1. To raise awareness on HIV/AIDS, malaria and other pandemic disease.
  2. To promote and defend human rights
  3. To raise public awareness on the hazards of drug abuse and life skills.
  4. To develop and support programs that creates awareness and induces people to develop the culture of self employment as means of eradicating poverty.
  5. To promote improvement, protection and preservation of the environmental and development of natural resources.
  6. To raise awareness on human rights and responsibility of the government (Good governance and accountability).
  7. To provide vocational training to the vulnerable groups in the community.
  8. To promote and protect children’s rights.


KIOO envision in having a Tanzanian society where every individual is free from poverty,injustice and lives indignity.


KIOO mission is to advocate for women rights to own land and other property including decision making, better education and vocational skills for most vulnerable children, environmental, agriculture and food security, good governance and accountability, health system strengthening, child protection, care and support to most vulnerable children, taking action to water sanitation problems in the community.